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EAT Guatemala Restaurant Group

Investment Opportunity

EAT Guatemala Restaurant Group

Investment Opportunity

Short Summary

EAT Guatemala restaurant group is growing and we are looking for the right investor to help us flourish in our initial round of financing! With two Restaurants located in Panajachel Guatemala and others opening in various locations in Guatemala in the near term. We are looking to explode our growth is this growing and dynamic market.


% increase in turnover Y2- 3-
% increase in turnover Y3-4-
$ turnover Y1
Won numerous awards
Exciting growing brands


Target: $500,000
Minimum: $10,000
Investment Raised: N/A
Previous Rounds: N/A
Stage: Profitable
Investor Role: Any

The Business

EAT Guatemala Restaurant Group consists of three growing Restaurants, Restaurante Hana has been established for 7 years and encapsulates the brilliance of relaxed upscale dining, along with a high quality Japanese cuisine.

Mister Jon's is a 4 year old family friendly full service American Restaurant with an emphasis on great food and fun atmosphere with a passion for passion for breakfast, burgers, bacon and beer.

Eat Guatemala Restaurant group is to launch a new Restaurant concept this year focused on the Japanese noodle dish of ramen. Ramen Ya! will be a small footprint takeaway shop. Expansion of Ramen Ya! is expected in Xela and beyond in 2019.

The Market

The hospitality industry is booming and in particular Guatemala City. We have two Restaurants that are strategically placed in areas of high growth and trafficked tourism area of Guatemala.

"Due to increased urbanization, especially in Guatemala City and its surrounding area, more Guatemalans are eating lunch outside of the home.. The most popular option is fast food. According to a recent study, 76 out of 100 Guatemalans that eat out prefer to eat at fast food Restaurants. Small family owned cafeterias and street food vendors (where grilled hot dogs are widely sold) are additional options for eating out. Fine dining is more common during the weekends or to celebrate special occasions and are frequented mostly by middle and upper-class consumers." - USDA Foreign Agricultural Service 2017

Ramen Ya! and Mister Jon Brands are strategy placed to take advantage of these trends with their fast food and fast casual categories.


We have developed a fantastic reputation and have grown the brands to be well recognized and respected within the industry.
We have in excess of 10,000 social media followers over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
We have seen very impressive growth in sales
EAT Guatemala-
Y1- $
Y2- $
Y3- $
Y4- $


We will grow our Restaurant brands nationally and internationally and make it a stand out venue in all major Cities and Towns in Guatemala. We have taken our time with the first three sites ensuring that we are offering the customer what they want. We have now evolved the concept and are ready to roll it out.

We need the right investor who can see the potential in the brands and help us to achieve our goal.

Highlights of our Restaurants

Number one Thing to do in Panajachel - Lonely Planet
Number one Restaurant listed on TripAdvisor
Multiple certificates of Excellence - TripAdvisor
Recommended on Culture Trip
Featured on Mister Menu Lake Atitlan
Featured Videos on GuateDining

The Team

Mihoko Azumi
Mihoko Azumi moved to Guatemala in the 2000's, searching for the opportunity to bring Japanese cuisine beyond the conversation of "sushi and instant noodles" to Guatemala. Founding Restaurante Hana in 2012 and has seen dramatic growth in the years since.

Mister Jon
Mister Jon puts the fun in the Mister Jon's brand. He demands that everything in the Restaurant brings a smile on our clients from the décor, the music playlists, the menu, and the giant pancakes. As a result Mister Jon's is a unique dining destination.

David Borjas
Executive Chef
David a native of Venezuela and educated in the kitchens of Barcelona is the Head Chef of Restaurante Hana and Executive Chef of Eat Guatemala and a driving force behind EAT Guatemala's growth.

The Deal

Looking for $500,000 - Min per Investor $10,000

We would be open to Equity Financing, Debt Investment or a hybrid to further our growth. Please get in touch for further details on the deal available. info@eat.gt

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